Homebound Ministry


Be the presence of Christ to others.

Consider being a visitor to the homebound and share some of your time with those who look forward to sharing some time with you.  Experience the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes through the joy of others.

“The mission of the homebound ministry program is to share the love of God by providing members of the parish communities who are homebound and unable to attend church services regularly, the opportunity to remain involved with the church through pastoral visits and the reception of the Lord’s Supper.”

Words of healing can mean so much. They can be just as effective as a gentle touch. Words inspired by the Holy Spirit above, are sent by angels with God’s compassion and love.

The care we provide includes:

- Home visits

- Nursing Home visits

- Visits to the Assisted Living Facilities

- Visits to Parishioners Living at Flannery Towers

- Mass and Communion Services

- Anointing and Penance Services

- Gift and Card Ministry throughout the Year

For those who are homebound the response to our visits is very positive. The responses range from; “We do not feel alone and forgotten any longer, we are grateful to have someone to spend some time talking with us” and  we appreciate the time that you take to see us and bring us news about the church”.  Keeping our homebound parishioners connected to the parishes provides all of us with an opportunity to fulfill Jesus’ teaching in the gospels when he said; “I was lonely you visited me.”

To those wishing to volunteer some time to make visits, I encourage you to get in touch with the Pastoral Associate, Deacon Joe Erway and/or Pastoral Associate, Rich Rasmussen at the Faith Formation Center on 1010 Davis St. The number there is: 607-733-3484.

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