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Liturgical Ministry - "Liturgy" is the public prayer of the Church, different from private, individual prayer.  "Liturgy" is most accurately described as the public worship that Christ gives to God the Father, and that we also give to God the Father through Christ.  The Church is made up of all the baptized, liturgy, then, is the worship of God by the whole church - Christ the head and we his body.


Liturgical Ministry refers to all those ways that individuals help the entire community to celebrate liturgy.  Liturgical Ministries include those of

Altar Server,  Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Lectors, Sacristans, ushers and Greeters.


Altar Server - assists the priest at the altar


Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist - assists in distributing Holy Communion; some also have the special ministry of taking Communion to the sick and homebound.


Lector - proclaims readings from Holy Scripture


Sacristan - coordinates the ministers at a given Mass and prepares all the elements that will be needed for the celebration (bread, wine, sacred vessels, etc.)


Ushers and Greeters - assist in the important area of hospitality, ensuring that all are welcomed and find a seat, people know where to find what they need, seating is arranged for those with special needs, collections are taken and secured, emergencies are responded to, etc.



Most often, liturgical ministers are fully-initiated members of the community who feel called, by God, to participate in a particular area of liturgical ministry.  Discernment and training for anyone interested in being a liturgical minister is provided by the parish by call the office at 733-3484.

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