"For grades Kindergarten through Sixth"


Sunday Morning Program

Classes will meet for 1hr. and 15min.


each week and follow the Elmira school calendar.


Monday Evening Program

Classes will meet for 1hr. and 15min.


each week and will follow the Elmira school calendar.


Family Education Program

is an intergenerational program where parent(s) and

children will meet with other families for a once a month  2 hour session.

This program will meet on Wednesdays.

Children involved in this program do not attend weekly Religious Education classes.  This program encompasses faith, spiritual and service opportunities.


Vacation Bible Camp

This program takes place in the summer and is a

dynamic and family-friendly weekly dive into the bible, learning  values, characters, and having fun doing it!


RCIC for children (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children)

Special process for children over the age of 7 who have

never been baptized or whose family desires to become

Catholic.  Children who have not had any formal

Religious Education are also eligible for this process.


Sacramental Preparation Program

· For Reconciliation (Fall)

· First Eucharist (Spring)

· Confirmation


Schedules will be announced in the bulletin.

Elmira Roman Catholic Churches

1010 Davis Street, Elmira, NY  14901


Phone: (607) 733-3484

Fax (607) 846-3371